"I envisioned a haven where patients felt they are in control of their health and Doctors are allowed to practice the Art of Medicine."

For PATIENTS, I imagined a system with continuous care in and out of the clinic, where doctors know their patients personally and tailor their treatment & care plans accordingly. For DOCTORS I wanted to bring the practice of medicine back to its root, Medicine is Art and Science. In this world we have lots of science but not enough art, Art in medicine is allowing doctors to listen…,observe… and examine…., the present system does not allow this, this is why I have always seen it as outdated.

I wanted to facilitate a long term partnership and a healing relationship between the physician and patient. In this century with all the technology advances, it is so easy to be connected yet disconnected, at Revive we are constantly upgrading our technology to keep Doctors and Patients connected to each other and to their Data without diluting the human interaction. Because of all the previous reasons, Revive has a soul to it, you will feel it once you join our community. 

Dr. Heba Elnazer

Founder & CEO

Why membership model for chronic disease management?

         Each patient needs an individualized treatment plan according to his/her needs. They need to be a part of an on going accessible system.

        A system that allows doctors to monitor patients’ progress easily and allows patients to be engaged enough in a targeted treatment plan, all this while empowering them with the appropriate tools and knowledge to help them gain control of their health

     Because We want our patients to feel safe & in control, we worry about all your health details

              (follow up reminders, labs , referrals and medication updates), so you can save your time and energy on your work, family and living well and full.

Our founder speaking at The Royal Society of Medicine, London

Membership model for chronic disease

Dr. Heba Elnazer is the Founder of Revive Medical and a graduate of Ain Shams University, Faculty of Medicine. She did her residency training at the Internal Medicine/Gastroenterology & Hepatology Department at the University Hospital, where she also attained her Masters Degree in General Internal Medicine. Dr. Elnazer’s postgraduate studies and training were focused on Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine. She has also trained under some of the most renowned names in the field of Integrative Medicine, both at the Continuum Center for Health and Healing, Mount Sinai, New York and the Center for East West Medicine at the UCLA School of Medicine in California. she is a recognized expert and advocate of chronic care management. 

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