We treat humans not disease

One size does not fit all 

Our Care Plans are tailored to Your needs

Basic Care


This is our most popular membership,

This is for patients with known but stable health issues looking to reverse it or control it and prevent any future complications with health optimization as a goal

  • personalized treatment & care plan

  • planned basic follow ups

  • unlimited access (video & text)

  • full care coordination 

  • we fund 10% of other services 

Advanced Care

This is for patients with more complex health issues, usually more than one problem to work on and need frequent follow ups and looking to stabilize  those issues as a primary goal (monthly subscription fees differ on this plan)

  • personalized treatment & care plan

  • frequent follow ups

  • unlimited access (In clinic, video & text)

  • full care coordination 

  • we fund 15% of other services 

Diagnostics (powered by EVOKE)

For persons with more recent health issues or those who has not seen a doctor before.


It includes cutting edge diagnostic tests and health assessment report and general recommendation.


No care or treatment plan with this pathway.

Preservation & Prevention

This is tailored to each person's risk factors & family history. It is primarily focused on Health optimization and prevention with planned screening tests as needed.

  • personalized preventive & health optimization plan

  • Planned follow ups

  • unlimited access (video & text)

  • full care coordination 

  • we fund 10% of other services 




Besides all this, we provide you with your general health needs, we are your primary providers!

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