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Revive is a Membership-based Health System, once subscribed...

Here is what you Get

The Revive Medical Assessment and Exam

This is a 90 min visit with your Doctor & case manager (6X the duration of a typical clinic visit). Detailed history of your health and medical issues are taken, health goals are discussed and a physical exam performed. 

Full health bio and profile:

All data is entered into the creation of your own electronic medical file (on the Revive medical application) which you have full access to. your current medical conditions, medications, health goals...etc are all in there, you will have a complete health profile on the go 

The lifestyle and physical medicine assessment

Getting to the root cause of health issues, a closer look at your daily choices and lifestyle is essential, how and what you eat, how you sleep, your movement and physical body is all looked into by our health coach and physical therapist

Personalized Treatment & Care Plan

Our integrative treatment plan is customized based on your health needs, to resolve chronic conditions. It covers all aspects that affect your health, nutrition, medication, supplement and etc…, to improve your health, and provide you with the continuous care you need.

Multidisciplinary Team Assessing Your Case

We believe in treating our patients as a whole, where all body systems are related and connected, we take into consideration your Mind and Body, having a team approach to decide on the best plan for you. Two brains is always better than one

Track Your Health & Work Towards a Goal

We make sure you are reaching the milestones we agreed on, logging what you do remotely is an excellent way to do that, with our application, you log this data which is automatically shared with your doctor 

Login your Health Journal

Part of your treatment is to have insights about your habits and how they affect your health . On the Revive Medical App, write down your daily health routine & keep your doctor always updated.

Healthcare on The Go

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